At Renovating Atlanta, it is our belief that the following guidelines are of paramount importance in the way we operate our business on a daily basis.

By following these guidelines , we strive to continue to operate with a higher level of professionalism, as well as grow the business, and the number of friendships we hope will result:

We will view the wishes and concerns of our clients as our first priority

Nothing less than complete honesty is acceptable in our dealings with our clients, and our trade partners, alike

We will use the knowledge we have gained over time to create the highest level of quality possible, while striving to maintain the best value for money being spent

We will strive to treat everyone with whom we deal, with the same level of respect and dignity, with which we wish to be treated

Most important, we have never underestimated a job and had to later increase our price at the end of our project.

  • The upfront cost is the final cost!